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                Latest News

                Our College Celebrates the Double Ninth Day

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                On the verge of the Double Ninth Day, also known as Senior Day, which encourages people to respect, love and take good care of the seniors around us. On October 8th, Qiandongnan National Polytechnic celebrates the Double Ninth Day with retired teachers and staffs in the former Nursing Secondary School by organizing series of activities. The celebrating activities include 2 parts, fun fitness exercises and briefing of college development.

                At the scene of fun fitness exercises, all the retired is old but vigorous. Balloon volleyball athletes,  healthy and energetic, played with passion and power. No matter its serving, jumping, defense or assist, their action are just in place perfectly with a fine tacit cooperation. Darts players, sedulous and rapt, determined to hit the bulls-eye. The cheerful table tennis game is happy and relaxed. Not only did the players enjoy the game, but also the audience showed their love to the game by giving applause and comment. Attendees, all long-lost friends, having a casual talk with each other, showed their affection to the fun fitness exercises effusively on their faces, which made the games full of happiness.

                Zhang Enlian, the party sectary of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic, presided the briefing of college development. Chen Wenxiang, the president of college, gave a report of colleges development and reward in all aspects. He emphasized that the retired were intellectual resources and valuable assets to college, an indispensable force to achieve the goal of establishing a national excellent vocational and top-ranking college. He wished that all sections could serve the retired with full-hearted enthusiam, deeply emtion and spirit of creativity, to deal with more practical work, good deeds and solutions of difficult matters. Meanwhile, he earnestly requested the retired understand, support, push and concern about the college work as usual, by using their advantage and fine tradition, to contribute suggestions for development of college.