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                Latest News

                The First Poetic Creation Competition of Qiandongnan National Polytechinc Came to a Successful End

                From: UpdateTime:2016-12-19 00:00 Hit: 【Zoom:small big

                On December 9th, the first poetic creation competition Qiandongnan National Polytechinc and its award ceremony were held by College Dawn Literature Club in hall at second floor of Undergraduate Activity Center. The competition aims to provide a more professional and  poetry communication platform, to create a qualified college culture atmosphere, to keep students’ motivation of poetic creation and to make more students focus on literature and poetry. The proprieter of Dawn Literature Club, Wang Yuanshao, presided over the competition, which attracted about 150 people attending. Tan Rongrong and Liu Zonghui, the advisors of club, were present as judges.

                Before the competition, advisor Liu Zonghui showed his thanks to all the present judges and gave a short introduction of scoring criteria. Tense but ordered, the competition was successfully finished, which selected 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 7 honorable mentions. The competition was very meaningful, because it can discover tremendous students with high literature quality and help them to develop their literature quality.