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                Latest News

                Congratulations to Our College Students on Winning Third Prize in FLTRP Cup National English Writing Contest Final for Technical and Vocational Students

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                    On December 10th, the 7th FLTRP Cup National English Writing Contest Final for Technical and Vocational Students was held in Beijing. Over 120 competitors around China took part in this final competition for non-English majors. With accompanying teacher Wu Mengwei, Han Xinxia, who is from pharmacy class 2 of 2015, won the third prize.

                     The competition aims to improve the English application ability of technical and vocational students as well as promote the development and reform of English teaching in vocational college. The contest materials are elected from actual vocational scenes so that students can be judged from ability of thinking, practice and innovation, which emphasizes the practicality and applicability of the competition. In the contest, with the guide of Luo Jingwen, the English teacher from the Common Education Department, Han Xinxia had strengthen all the way to win the third prize.

                     FLTRP Cup National English Writing Contest for Technical and Vocational Students was established in 2010, which has been held seven times so far and attracted over 800 schools to enter it, becoming the best English Writing Contest for Technical and Vocational Students with biggest scale, the largest participants and highest level. The contest improves the communication of foreign language teaching between our college and others, showing the reform efforts of English teaching and its teaching level.