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                Latest News

                Our College Started An Visiting Event During Spring Festival Approaching

                From: UpdateTime:2017-02-24 00:00 Hit: 【Zoom:small big

                    During Spring Festival approaching, in order to show love and concern from college, government and society to those who suffer bitter life, making them feel the joy and warmth of festival, our college organized an visiting event for retired colleagues and their families. Here are leaders who attended the event: Zhang Enlian, the secretary of the college party committee; Wang Guisheng. secretary of college’s inspecting discipline dommission; Cao Qingxu and Luo Chunhan, vice president. From January 20th to January 21th, with the company of the Office of Planing & Fiance Affairs, the Office of Logistics and Labor Union, dividing into four groups, they visited staffs in poverty ,the retired and their relics who live in four different old campuses and brought consolation money and best wishes for new year.

                    With deeply concern, college leaders chatted with retired staffs, asked them about their life the health issues. They hope the retired could understand, support, push and concern about the college work as usual, by using their advantage and fine tradition, to contribute suggestions for development of college to help us to work on to achieve the goal of establishing a national excellent and top-ranking vocational college. The retired expressed their grateful gratitude for government and college and their expectation of our college. They said that they would spare no effort to work better and live better, showing positive power to colleges and society.