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                Latest News

                Breeze Calligraphy Association Held a Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

                From: UpdateTime:2017-05-22 00:00 Hit: 【Zoom:small big

                    In order to expand the students aesthetic vision, improve their aesthetic temperament, and help them to appreciate the aesthetic value by dissecting aesthetic factors, on April 24th of 2017, a painting and calligraphy exhibition was held by Breeze Calligraphy Association and Youth League Committee of school.

                    The exhibition was divided into two category, painting part and calligraphy part. After evaluated by professional judges, on calligraphy part, Pan Shaogui, from School of Environmental and Biological Engineering, won the first prize. Two students won the second prize. They are: Long Min, from School of Automobile and Electromechanical Engineering; Wang Chengming, from School of Fiance and Economics. Three students won the third prize. They are: Wang Yuanshao, from School of Environmental and Biological Engineering; Long Pei, from School of Automobile and Electromechanical Engineering; Chen Xiaoyan, from School of Stomatology. On painting part, Yang Chengguang, from School of Architectural Engineering, won the first prize. Two students won the second prize, they are: Luo Yihong, from chool of Environmental and Biological Engineering; Lin Yurong, from chool of Fiance and Economics. Two students won the third prize, they are: Chen Qitao, from School of Clinical Medicine; Zhang Fuhua, from School of Nursing.

                    Through this painting and calligraphy competition, not only does it help students enhance their understanding to painting and calligraphy, but also it build a healthy, positive, fresh and elegant campus atmosphere. Whats more, it lays the foundation of campus painting and calligraphy communication, which is very meaningful for promoting and developing traditional Chinese culture.