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                Latest News

                The College Organized Teachers and Students to Visit the Large-scale Picture and Painting Exhibition of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up in Qiandongnan Prefecture.

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                On January 4th of 2019, the college organized 100 representatives of teachers and students to visit the large-scale picture and painting exhibition of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up in Qiandongnan prefecture.

                Qiandongnan celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up with the big picture and the calligraphy and painting exhibition in "Enter in the new century and new times" as the theme. The exhibition was hosted by the committee of the state, consisted by a large number of historical literature since the reform and opening up. It  displays the great achievements of Qiandongnan in reform and opening-up and socialist modernization construction comprehensively and vividly.

                The subject and content of this exhibition is varied and extensive. Through different painting, calligraphy and photography, it reflected the great moment of reform and opening up, which also showed the love to China and Qiandongnan from the creator of those fine arts.

                In front of each piece of work, the teachers and students stopped to watch and enjoy them carefully, taking photos in front of the exhibit to record the exciting moments. The audiences said that the event let them feel the positive energy from exhibition works. We can also feel the tremendous changes and achievements of Qiandongnan prefecture since the reform and opening up 40 years ago. Reviewing history with awe and facing reality with great responsibility, teachers and students in our college to devote themselves to learning and work with more enthusiasm.