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                Latest News

                Our College Paid a Learning Visit to Cooperative Colleges

                From: UpdateTime:2019-03-29 10:45 Hit: 【Zoom:small big

                    From March 19th to 25th, Cao Qingxu, member of the party committee and vice President of the college, led a team to visit Kaili University, Guizhou Light Industry Technical college, Tongren Polytechnic college and other colleges to learn from their advanced experience and experiences in personnel management. This learning visit was carried out in the form of discussion, mainly focusing on the learning of position setting, position competition, talent introduction, professional title evaluation, performance salary distribution and management of extra staff. Through investigation and study, the college further strengthened the communication and cooperation with cooperative colleges and universities, which provided good thinking and reference for improving the personnel management work of our college, thus it will promote our college develop better.