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                From: UpdateTime:2016-10-13 00:00 Hit: 【Zoom:small big

                Speaking of English learning in China,nowadays we still have the big focus on teaching English, not so much for communicative goals but for testing. So if someone gets a high score in official English tests, such as TOEFL or CET, it does not necessarily reflect their actual communicative skills. It becomes a common phenomenon between Chinese students who can get really high testing scores, but it was difficult for them to talk to people. So I hold the view that English learning should be more focused on actual communicative skills, because that is very useful for day-to-day life.

                 The global environment has made it important for the entire workforce to study and speak English. It’s definitely not necessary to be perfect, but I think everybody needs a basic or communicative skill. You need to understand what the other person is saying to you, and you need to reply appropriately. And in some international business the requirement might includes some cultural knowledge, so you can avoid some misunderstandings.

                Since communicative skills is the most difficult part in China , I would suggest listening, listening, listening…in today's world,youhave many different ways to improve ur listening skill. Find some texts online, it could be broadcast in English, audile books, or some specific materials for learning English. Maybe it’s not so important for you to understand everything you are hearing, but you should just get used to the sound in your ear, then you will get used to what English sounds are like. If you can get English materials that also come with transcripts, that would be much greater. You can listen first, then after you get used to the sound, you can read along, which will help you understand the material.

                English learning is a long way to go.but as long as you persist in doing it day by day, you will be surprised by urself. one day