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                Tourism and Business Management Department of Southeast Guizhou Vocational &Technical College for Nationalities The Brief Introduction of Tourism Management Speciality

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                Hotel management speciality of tourism and business management department was founded in 2004. Now it has 22 full-time teachers, among them, double-qualified teachers accounted for 95%, 7 people have Master’s degree ,there are 7 associate professors. It has trained 800 qualified graduates.

                The specialty training goal is adapted to the demands of the front-line post for modern tourism development, master the basic theory and basic knowledge of modern tourism management and service , who have the higher vocational moral quality and some realistic and innovative consciousness, have post abilities to engage in the tour guide, travel agency management, tourism scenic spot service and management, and tourism hotel service and management, have high- quality skilled and technical talents  with the all-round development in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetics.

                This major attaches importance to the learning of the basic knowledge of tourism, especially pay attention to combining tourism theory and practice with national culture, while studying in college, students can pass examination to obtain certificate of Putonghua proficiency test grade ,national guide qualifications certificate, NCRE certificate , automobile driving license and other relevant certificates

                Teaching mode adopts”3111” talent cultivation mode, namely the sectional teaching and alternating internship teaching mode, During their studying in college for 3 semesters, We pay attention to combining theory with market practice. The students study in college in the morning, in the afternoon they learn on the job surrounding enterprise. In the 4th semester they will be arranged to the relevant units for the one-semester teaching practice ,through the practice ,let students find their own shortcomings, and then return to the college to learn for one semester, to make up for their own shortcomings and improve their comprehensive quality and ability. Finally they will return to the practice base for the one-semester post practice to prepare for their future employment.

                The professional core courses are tour guide business, basic knowledge of national tour guide, basic knowledge of Guizhou tour guide , tourism policies and regulations, travel agent operation and management , tourist marketing, simulated tour guide, enterprise human resources management, travel agent operating practice, service and management of scenic spots. Elective courses are national songs and dances, Southeast Guizhou folk custom, etc.

                We have built some practical training facilities by the Central financial support ,such as 3D circular-screen multi-function hall, micro classrooms, body training room and multi-function language lab. In order to quicken the specialty construction and improve the level of students' practical operation skills, our department actively seek the way of school-enterprise cooperation. From 2004 to now, our department has cooperated with more than ten enterprises  both inside and outside the province respectively ,such as, Southeast Guizhou national tourism company , Xijiang tourism company and Wu Zhizhou Island Resort Sanya , to establish practice bases and cultivate talents together.


                Occupational direction is mainly service and management fields, such as, high star-rated hotels, scenic spots, senior clubs, administrative reception departments of large enterprise , travel agencies, tourism administrative departments .