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                Students Work

                5.25 Mental Health Week begins

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                The annual May 25th was identified as the national Mental Health Day in 2004. "5.25" means I love myself in Chinese homonym. Only know how to love ourselves can we love others better. Hosted by Mental Health Education Center, series of activities in "5.25 Mental Health Week" successfully began on May 20th.

                    The theme this year is "Beautiful Mind, harmonious home", aiming at helping students learn to care for their mentality.

                    The series of activities include five parts and will last six days, from May 20th to 25th:

                    Activity One, "mental stations"--- outdoor advertising of assistance station

                    Activity two, "love hug"--- caring activities

                    Activities three, mental health lecture

                    Activity four, youth inspirational film broadcasting

                    Activity five, outdoor group psychological counseling

                    Activities one and three have been launched on May 20th, and have been supported and welcomed by most of students.