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                The Introduction of Tourism & Business Management Department

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                In order to meet the demand of tourism development in Guizhou province, the Tourism & Business Management Department was found in March, 2004. From now on, it has employed 32 professional teachers. Over 30 percent of our faculty have attained an advanced degree, including Masters degrees and associate-professorships. Since 2004, we have developed more than 700 qualified graduates, including higher vocational college students and secondary vocational students. The higher vocational education has 10 different majors, which are tourism management, hotel management, guider, secretary, music performance, aviation Service, service and management of convention & exhibition, marketing and tourism handcraft design & manufacture. What`s more, the major of tourism handcraft design & manufacture was supported by the governmentcollege and enterprises. The major of music performance (minority songs and dances) is state-level key profession.

                Tourism & Business Management Department bears the responsibility of national guide qualification examination, and it has its own training bases. The knowledge gleaned from this department will equip students with the knowledge to succeed in all facets of different jobs. The rigorous schedule of students is geared towards securing employment upon graduation. We established good relationship with many companies consisted of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Sanya. The ties between our department and prospective companies are strengthened each year because of our qualified students.

                We set up a system of national scholarships and tuition assistance, and we also opened special loan channels for poor students to help them to finish their study.

                The financial aid programs include Hainan International Sea View Garden Co.,Ltd tuition aid, Beijing 101 Yujia Kitchen Co.,Ltd tuition aid and inpidual grant donated by many senior executives of Beijing 101 Yujia Kitchen Co.,Ltd, which will help the poor students go to college for free. Our college also set up the OCT grant and scholarship, the scholarship of WuzhizhouIsland 5-day round trip tour (each student is allowed to have a parent together). In addition, we have cooperated with Kaihong Company to open a class, which is to train professional students for the nearing completion star-rated hotel. The company gives the financial aid to students, and students in this major will have an opportunity to find a good job or internship such as the ones previously described. We also started a class with Song and Dance Troupe of the Prefecture, and the students of this class are not only professional students but also performers of the Troupe during the semester, which makes them easily improve their professional skills, laying the good foundation for the employment in the future.