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                Biological and environmental engineering Department

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                Biological and environmental engineering department is founded with the original schools which are Qiandongnan Forestry school and Agricultural school, The teachers here are all with qualified, the practical condition is good, from now on we set up varies majors such as Gardening, forestry, animal husbandry and veterinary, agricultural, production of fruit ,vegetable and flower, etc. Since the department was established, based on the demands of modern farming and animal husbandry, we initiatively take part into domestic industry, to strengthen the teaching reform, highlight the characteristics of higher vocational education, enhancing university-enterprise cooperation. As the result, the teaching effect of us is excellent, the graduate employment are of good quality and employment rate as high as 98% above, the social service ability have promoted , has trained a large number of high skilled talents for Guizhou province and other areas development.

                (一)Ideology adhering to the " as the core of professional ability training, the purpose for service, the guidance for employment", highlight the characteristics of higher vocational education, opening runs school, make full use of the social conditions, implementing the teaching mode of combination between production, university-enterprise cooperation.

                (二) Institutions and conditions

                1Teaching and research groups: 4 teaching and researching groups as Animal husbandry and veterinary, Agriculture, Forestry, Gardening;

                2Labs:20 labs as Soil fertilizer, Animal and Plant specimens, Plants, and Physiological, Measurement and Forest survey, Plant cultivation, Plant diseases and Insect pests Prevention,  landscape CAD, Landscape planning and design, Animal surgery, Animal infectious diseases and Microbial comprehensive, Animal pharmacology and Toxicology, Animal breeding.

                3Five campus training bases such as animal hospital, nursery for growing superior seed varieties and plant tissue culture center, 100 mu of production practice teaching farms, landscaping companies.

                4Off-campus practice and field work base: both within us and the 27 companies to build a solid employment base of field work, for the training of the teachers and students one to one field work and employment to create good conditions.

                5Appraisal qualifications: with 12 high and intermediate appraisal qualifications of Greener, Gardener, Tea worker. Agricultural worker Forest tree seedlings, Agricultural plant protector, Forest pest controller, Animal disease preventer and Landscaper.

                (三) There are 39 full-time teachers, including 4 professors, associate professor of 16, lecturer 16, 3 assistant lecturer, 6 owner of A master's degree, 100% with "double teacher quality", and 12 Part-time teachers.

                (四)Ideological and political education (IPE): the IPE team composed by the party secretary of the department, the general secretary, counselors and teachers. Since its inception, earnestly implement the central spirit of the college students' ideological and political work, objectively analysis the present condition of the college students' ideological and political work, the existing problems and task which facing about, under the leadership of the party committee of college, closely around the "one main line, two strengthening, three points, four combinations, five outstanding" in an all-round way. Adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to study and grasp the basic characteristics of higher vocational college, targeted to carry out the ideological and political work, use all available methods to strengthen college students' ideological and political education, which has obvious achievements.

                (五) The teaching reform produced results

                1The number of cooperation between colleges and enterprise has reached 27, provided for each specialty.

                2 Set up the expert group of professional construction for each major.

                3 Completed six professional talent training scheme formulated or revised work and the formulation of the professional teaching plan.

                4Finished six backbone curriculum standards designing.

                5) “The garden engineering construction technology recognized as the excellent course at school.

                (六) Students' quality and professional ability

                To carry out various competitions, such as the basketball game,  athletics, calligraphy and painting. Won many awards which are National agricultural vocational skills contest won third prize of tissue culture project; Skills competition second prize at the provincial level; Skills competition third prize at the provincial level; Skills competition third prize at the provincial level; Landscape design competition second prize.