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                The Major of Accounting

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                Brief Information: ?Founded in 1978, the major of Accounting was one of the earliest majors of the college and made the college the first to start the education of accounting in the area. We now totally have 40 teachers among whom there are 25 full-time teachers and 15 part-time teachers.? Among the full-time teachers, we have 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 12 lectures and 4 assistants, 1 certified public accountant, 3 accountants, 1 lawyer, and 23 of the full-time teachers are double-certificate teachers. All the part-time teachers are backbone accountants of enterprises and institutions outside the college.

                Education and Academic Level: National Ordinary Higher Vocational Education

                Enrollment Targets: High School Graduates; SecondaryVocational School Graduates with Corresponding Specialty

                Length of Schooling: 3 Years


                Training Standard: The program aims to cultivate skilled talents with all-around development of virtue, intelligence, physical conditions, mind status and community service. The training should endow them with fundamental theory, elemental knowledge and basic skills of the major of Accounting. After graduation, they are supposed to meet the requirements of the work of cashier, accounting, accounting management, financial management, and accounting supervision at medium-sized and small enterprises, non-profit organizations and social agencies. Our graduates are also supposed to have excellent professional ethics and sustainable development capacity.


                Core Curriculum: Fundamental Accounting, Accounting System Design, Accounting Computerization, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Management of Enterprises, Basic Techniques of Accounting Calculation, Auditing,? Enterprise Business Accounting, Cost Accounting and Analysis, Tax Calculation and Declaration etc.

                Cultivating Mode: We apply a model of teaching and training that is based on the course of work in the accounting industry. During the whole course of teaching and training, there are comprehension training, standardization training, digestion training and simulation training. “Teaching, learning and practicing” are fully involved and students can learn and practice alternatively during the whole training process.

                Experimental Training Establishment: In the college, we have 6 multifunctional comprehensive electronic training labs for accounting major and 3 simulation training rooms to practice the real work of accountants such as job responsibilities and internal accounting control, and 1 ERP sand table training center to strengthen students’ ability on accounting management.? Outside the college, we have long-term cooperation with Yonyou Software Co.Ltd., Shenzhen Engine Accounting Agency, Qianyuan Accounting Firm of Kaili, Huacheng Tech Company of Qiandongnan Prefecture, and most of the county finance bureaus and tax bureaus of Qiandongnan Miao and DongAutonomousPrefecture.